About us


Ukrainian Film Institute as a non-profit organization is involved in studying and consulting of innovations in film industry, expansion of Ukrainian cinema on the global market, analysis of the future of the Ukrainian film industry for the period up to 2030 and legal protection of filmmakers.

Our motto is “Global cinema for the society of the future”.

The sphere of our interests and activities:

Analysis and monitoring of the Ukrainian film industry, implementation of the system of a single industry research standard

Support of research projects in the scope of film and audiovisual industry

Expansion of Ukrainian cinema on the global market

OTT/VOD platforms for film distribution

Using Big Data in film business and marketing

Using Blockchain technology in film business and intellectual property rights

Evolution of copyright and Internet piracy under the influence of IT technology

VR/AR in film industry

Interactive and livestream audiovisual arts and documentary projects

Future of Ukrainian cinema and film industry

Support and production of popular science documentary films

Support and production of socially significant artistic and documentary films

Support and organizing of thematic film festivals

Protection of labor, social and copy rights of filmmakers

Our values

We identify our core values as innovativeness, creativity, competence and tolerance.

What they all mean to us:

Innovativeness is the ability to introduce innovations which provide increased efficiency of both the film production process, as well as film quality;
Creativity is creative skills that lead to finding fundamentally new ideas;
Competence is the knowledge and experience which is necessary to fulfill our mission;
Tolerance is respect for others` beliefs, customs, habits and self identity. This is a feature of open ideological attitudes for all and not being afraid of comparisons with other points of view.

In our view, all these qualities are important for providing innovation in the Ukrainian film industry and transforming the existing society.

Innovations in the film industry are: new technologies and ways of organizing production, distribution and film screening. The most relevant task for UFI is to create the conditions for introduction of advanced technologies in the Ukrainian film industry.

Expansion to the international film market is only possible if high-quality cinema from Ukraine is in demand throughout the world.

Transformation of society is the process of acquisition of new features that will meet the requirements of the future. Cinema today is the most popular and accessible form of mass art which affords society the ability to develop the new attributes and values required for life in the future.