Non-governmental organization “Ukrainian Film Institute” invites all those involved in modernization, innovation, development and study of the Ukrainian audiovisual industry, market and film arts to cooperation. We believe that together we can achieve qualitative and effective changes in the sphere.

If you have projects that coincide with our activities, you are looking for partners for their implementation,
If you have ideas related to the development of the audiovisual industry or film arts that you want to implement,
If you have a desire for self-fulfillment in the audiovisual industry,
If you work on a scientific topic related to the Ukrainian audiovisual industry,
If you would like to provide financial assistance to our Film Institute,
We want to offer you useful cooperation for the benefit of the Ukrainian audiovisual industry.


We are constantly expanding range of organizations, companies, government bodies, with which we are going to develop our program activities and implement the planned projects. If your organization is interested to cooperate with us, we are open to new proposals and ready to send documents for sponsors and donors. Just contact us at the bottom of the page.


Our non-governmental organization develops dynamically and is always open to new members. If you are interested in our activities, you work in the audiovisual industry, you want to join our projects and devote your time to them, agree with the Statute of the organization, then please contact us at the bottom of the page and we will discuss the next steps of your joining the Ukrainian Film Institute.


If you still have no experience in the audiovisual industry, but there is a great desire to start a career in filmmaking or touch the world of cinema, we invite you to join our team on a voluntary basis. Simply select what you would like to be engaged with and contact us below. New friends and colleagues, wonderful impressions, inspiration, experience and future career start will be guaranteed to you.


If you are a student, a graduate student or a researcher of any university in Ukraine or abroad, who plans or already writes a scientific work on the Ukrainian audiovisual industry, we will be happy to help with information, contacts or searching for a grant for your research. Just contact us below.


The Ukrainian Film Institute is a non-profit non-governmental organization which can exist due to membership fees, grant programs and financial assistance from interested citizens and organizations. We ask you to financially support our activities, projects that we are developing. This will be your invaluable contribution to the development of the new Ukrainian audiovisual industry and film arts. We will report on all financial incomes and expenses quarterly. You can donate any amount. Thank you for supporting the activities of Ukrainian Film Institute.

We are ready to discuss any format of our future cooperation by phone: +380 99 974 62 36 or contact our executive director Denis Maslikov at: maslikov{at}