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Your guide to film and TV services in Ukraine

Most options for film and TV services. One-stop shop for making any inquiries and orders.

First time filming in Ukraine? We help to avoid troubles and solve problems at any stage. Supported by Ukrainian Film Institute. Click for more

Why we differ from others

It’s the first film and TV service guide in Ukraine with a personal feedback. You won’t be lost in results of a catalog of unknown companies. We provide you with any range of necessary services. Consulting on making film business with Ukraine. Searching for co-producers. Governmental and local relations. Ukrainian Film Institute as an industrial and non-profit organization covers all the issues for you.

Our services

International co-production

We help to find co-producers for your projects, consult how to make films with Ukraine and avoid troubles.  Click for more

Film and TV production

We provide you with all services in Ukraine what you need and can afford. We guard your interests and results. Click for more

TV and video news footage

We can organize making news video footage from Ukraine when you have no crew or reporters in the country. Click for more

Supporting services

We uncover traditions of making films and deals in Ukraine to keep you away from problems and be satisfied. Click for more

Research and analytics

We do our best to provide you with all data and analytics you need to film or co-produce with Ukraine. Click for more

VR/AR services

Ukraine is an IT hub for many foreign companies and on the forefront of making VR/AR products for the world. Click for more

Livestream services

You make or cover an event of any scale in Ukraine. We provide you with its livestreaming in the Internet. Click for more

Rights management

Collective rights management and protection in Ukraine, looking for rightsholders in the country. Click for more