Ruslan Savchuk
Board Chairman
Producer, lawyer

Working in the film industry of Ukraine since 2005. With a degree in business law, and more than twenty years of experience in business, he devoted himself to producing films. All the years in the film industry Ruslan consulted colleagues on financial issues and copyright. He leads an active social life. He was one of the first producers who started cooperation with foreign customers. Ruslan considers foreign financing growth and raising the prestige of Ukrainian filmmakers as a result of his activity. He is the owner of creative agency “Friend Creative”. Ruslan has produced more than a hundred major advertising, social, musical and concert film projects.

Responsible for: • Analytical and Monitoring Centre • Marketing and publicity

Contact: rsavchuk{at}


Denis Maslikov
Executive Director, Board Member
Expert in international communications

Denis has worked in the film industry since 2010. He graduated from Dnipropetrovsk National University as a specialist in international information. His career came from a journalist to a chief editor of Ukrainian media. Denis has experience of managing non-governmental film organizations – in 2011-2016 he worked as the general director of the Association of Ukrainian Producers. During his management the Association became a member of well known international organizations – AGICOA and FIAPF. He is one of organizers of the Ukrainian Oscar Committee and was its coordinator in 2011-2014. Now specializes in innovative audiovisual projects and in promotion of Ukrainian films.

Responsible for: • Office management • International relations • Innovative projects • Film promotion

Contact: maslikov{at}


Brian J Ziegler
UFI Member
NGO and fundraising consultant

Brian J Ziegler is a Non-Government Organization (NGO) consultant who has worked with America’s preeminent NGO’s and high wealth individuals for over 25 years and now resides in Kyiv, Ukraine. A relationship-builder with a reputation for sophisticated staff /volunteer management at the local, national, and international levels. He is also a NGO MBA holder with unusually diverse skills and experience in managing and balancing all operations of a NGO.

Some of Brian’s clients and personalities he managed and worked for in America have included: Ted Turner, Michael Bloomberg, Macys, Kmart, EDS, Ford, Mayo Clinic, Emory University, March of Dimes, American Cancer Society and The World Health Organization.

He also served as Kyiv School of Economics, Director of Social Enterprise and Faculty Chairperson for Non-Governmental Organization, Master of Business Administration. Brian has additionally assisted UNHCR, HIAS and the Jewish Federation in addressing Ukraine’s Internally Displaced Peoples and served a food bank volunteer during part of Maidan. Additionally he is a volunteer for the Committee for Open Democracy, an international election observation NGO.

Responsible for: • Fundraising • NGO development


Eric Ross Gilliatt
UFI Member
Senior producer, Actor, MBA

Eric Ross Gilliatt is a highly acclaimed and successful American dramatic actor, director and producer, and commercial talent. He moved to Kiev, Ukraine at the beginning of 2007. Prior to coming, he had been directly involved with the dramatic and musical stage as a leading actor, director, and producer, plus working as talent for television and radio commercial productions for almost 30 years. He is a highly sought after acting talent who has worked with some of the best directors and actors in the best venues in Southern California (USA) and Europe. Now working in both cinematic and television acting and production, as well as dramatic stage acting in Ukraine, Eric is continuing to work developing, producing and acting in high quality film projects.

Responsible for: • Film production • Educational programs


Serhiy Ponomarenko
Board Member
Producer, Actor

Serhiy has worked in the film industry since 1973. More than 70 roles in films. He graduated from the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv State Theater Institute, actors faculty, drama film and theatre actor. In 1978-2005 he was a full-time actor at the Dovzhenko film studio (Kyiv, Ukraine). Since 2004 he has mastered filmmaking administration. In 2007- 2011 Sergey was an deputy, then acting general director at “Ukrtelefilm” production studio (Kyiv, Ukraine). Deep and fully integrated into the production process of feature films. Experience with both private and governmental organizations.

Responsible for: • Legal programs for filmmakers • Film production


Eduard Yevtushenko
Board Member, Managing director of “UFI Productions”, LLC
Producer, coach

Eduard has worked in the television and film industry since 1999. He graduated from the Dragomanov Kyiv State Pedagogical University, specialty “Psychology and pedagogy”. Experience of ownership and management of a production company, actors’ agency and a film rental company allowed to thoroughly understand all the intricacies of film production, as well as legal and financial aspects. He has many years of experience working on numerous projects from emergence of an idea and to its full implementation. Eduard has always considered new ideas, projects and opening of new names as his priority in professional activity. He is the managing director of “UFI Productions”, LLC, a film production company of the Ukrainian Film Institute.

Responsible for: • The Film School of the Future • Film production


Svitlana Matveieva
Supervisory Board Chairwoman
Attorney, film and copyright lawyer

Svitlana has successful experience in cases related to protection of intellectual property rights (copyright protection for movies “Aeneid”, “The Treasury Island” “As Cossacks …”, “A Black chick and underground residents” and others), cancellation of State certificates for film distribution (“The Da Vinci Code”), cases of banning screenings of foreign films in Ukraine if they are not dubbed (voiced, subtitled) in Ukrainian. While working in the State film agency she participated in a governmental working group on the protection of intellectual property rights in Ukraine (generalization of practice and legislation of copyright in the film industry), engaged in development of regulations for government’s activities in the field of cinematography.

Responsible for: • Supervisory Board • Legal support • Cooperation with the Ukrainian Helsinki Union on human rights


Marina Sofiichuk
UFI Member, Supervisory Board Member
Producer, director, actress

She has a law degree and also graduated as a film director from Karpenko-Kary Kyiv National University of Theater, Film and Television. Marina studied at a drama school as an actress, later starred in television series, films, commercials. She worked on television as a director of TV shows and series (Kyiv Channel, STB and 1+1 production). Dealt with video and film production. Now working on legal education programs that promote more transparent functioning of the film industry. Marina participates in UFI Productions company’s projects.

Responsible for: • Film production • Training programs • Innovative projects • Supervisory Board

Contact: aaalider{at}


Anton Ponomarenko
UFI Member

Anton has worked in the film industry since 2005. He has experience in all administrative positions in film and TV production. He gained qualifications in such projects as “The Red Pearl of Love” (feature film), “Death to Spies” (TV), “Let’s play” (TV), “Tumbleweed” (short film), “Head Coach” (short film ) and worked on programs on M1 and TET TV channels. In 2015 Anton produced the short film “Head Coach”, which was in the competition program of the International Short Film Festival in Dublin.

Responsible for: • Film production • Special projects of the Ukrainian Film Institute


Anatoly Pasichny
UFI Member
Producer, screenwriter

He has worked in film and TV production since 1995. He came his way from a head of a studio production department to the acting general director of “Ukrtelefilm” production studio. In 2001 Anatoly initiated production of one of the first Ukrainian TV series “I’ll be back”. Now develops screenplays.

Responsible for: • Film production • Special projects of the Ukrainian Film Institute