Legal aid center for filmmakers


The Ukrainian Film Institute has the Legal Aid Center for filmmakers, which helps to resolve conflicts and disputes between employees and employers, between customers and contractors, between business partners, between legal entities, copyright and related rights protection, etc.
Our lawyers and partners have experience in handling labor and business cases in the film and television industry, as well as in protecting copyright and related rights.
We offer the following services:
1. Consultation
Providing explanations on labor and commercial disputes, copyright and related rights infringement, issues in the course of concluding labor, copyright and commercial contracts
2. Assist in the establishment of primary trade union centers in film and television production to protect workers' rights.

Assistance in establishing primary trade union organizations in film and television productions to protect workers' rights.

If your company or temporary work on a project frequently violates your labor rights, it is better to establish a primary trade union organization together with other employees to protect your rights and interests on a permanent and effective basis.

Trade unions are created by citizens who are bound by common interests by the nature of their professional (labor) activity (study) in order to represent and protect labor, social and economic rights and interests of the members of the trade union.

Our center provides consultations on the establishment of trade unions at film and television productions, will help you to carry out the necessary actions and execute documents for the state registration of your trade union, as well as register it with the registration authorities.

Newly established trade union organizations can count on our further legal assistance and public relations in their work.