About us

The Ukrainian Film Institute is engaged in research and support for the gradual modernization of the Ukrainian film industry and its further development.


The Ukrainian Film Institute is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization established in 2015 that studies the film industry, the conditions for Ukrainian cinema to enter the global market, and the legal protection of filmmakers.

Our motto: "Global cinema for the society of the future".

Our areas of interest and activity:

Analyzing and monitoring the Ukrainian film industry, implementing a system of international standard industry research

Supporting and conducting research projects in the field of cinema and audiovisual industry

Evolution of copyright and Internet piracy under the influence of the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence

The future of Ukrainian cinema and industry

Support and production of popular science films



Ruslan Savchuk

The Board chairman

He has been working in the Ukrainian film industry since 2005. With a law degree in business law and more than twenty years of experience in commercial structures, he chose film production as his vocation. He has produced more than a hundred major advertising, social, music and concert films. He was an expert at the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and House of Europe.


Denys Maslikov

Executive director

He has been in the film industry since 2010. He has worked his way up from a journalist to an editor-in-chief in the Ukrainian media. He has experience in managing NGO film organizations. He was the CEO of the Association of Producers. Now he specializes in social impact projects and research projects on the Ukrainian film industry. He is the author and leader of the Manifesto Tribunal project.


Eduard Ievtushenko

UFI Productions director

He has been working in television and film production since 1999. He has many years of experience working on numerous projects, from the emergence of an idea to its full realization. He always considers searching for new ideas, projects and discovering new names. He is the head of the Ukrainian Film Institute's film production company UFI Productions. He was an expert of the Ukrainian Film Foundation.


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Tribunal Manifesto

And defenders need protection

All-Ukrainian media campaign to protect the rights and freedoms of persons liable for military service, military personnel, veterans and families of fallen heroes


Legal protection of filmmakers

Analysis and solution options

Legal and social protection of filmmakers who stayed in Ukraine and went abroad, adaptation to new conditions


In-house film production

Co-production and film service

UFI Productions is a film production and service company founded by the Ukrainian Film Institute for international co-production projects and film services in Ukraine.


Sociology of the film industry

How the film community is organized

Studying the structure of the Ukrainian community of film professionals as a social organism, the interaction of different cinematographers with each other and the authorities, identifying problems and solving them, and the adaptation of filmmakers abroad


Cognitive and semiotic analysis

What our movies are really about

A cognitive and semiotic analysis of Ukrainian films in 2011-2024 (what meanings were put into their works by film directors and screenwriters, what meanings actually appeared in the films after the analysis of researchers, what meanings were understood by the audience of these films)


Social engineering in cinema

Generating new meanings

Designing themes for future films using sociology, social psychology, anthropology and cognitive-semiotic analysis to promote positive social change and mindsets in Ukrainian society

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