About the Ukrainian Film Institute

The Ukrainian Film Institute is a non-governmental and nonprofit organization established in 2015 that studies the film industry, the conditions for Ukrainian cinema to enter the global market, and the legal protection of filmmakers.

Our motto: "Global cinema for the society of the future".

Our areas of interest and activity:

Analyzing and monitoring the Ukrainian film industry, implementing a system of international standard industry research

Supporting and conducting research projects in the field of cinema and audiovisual industry
Evolution of copyright and Internet piracy under the influence of the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence

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    Ukrainian cinema's entry into global markets
    The future of Ukrainian cinema and industry
    Support and production of popular science films
    Support and production of socially important feature films and documentaries
    Support and organization of thematic film festivals
    Protection of labor, social and copyright rights of film production participants

    Our values
    We have defined our core values as innovation, creativity, competence and tolerance.
    What these concepts mean to us:
    Innovativeness is the ability to introduce innovations that increase the efficiency of the film process and the quality of film content;Creativity - creative abilities that lead to the creation of fundamentally new ideas;Competence - having the knowledge and experience necessary to fulfill our mission;Tolerance - respect for other views, customs, habits, which is a sign of an open-minded idea current that is not afraid of comparison with other points of view.
    In our opinion, all these qualities are important for introducing innovations into the Ukrainian film industry and for transforming the existing society.
    Innovations in the film industry are new technologies and ways of organizing the production, distribution and screening of films. It is important to create conditions for the introduction of advanced technologies into the Ukrainian film industry.
    Entering the international film market is only possible if the world needs quality films from Ukraine.
    The transformation of society is a process of acquiring new qualities that meet the requirements of the future. Cinema, as the most popular and accessible form of mass art, helps to shape new qualities in society that are necessary for life in the future.