Social engineering in cinema


Designing the topics of future films using sociology, social psychology, anthropology and cognitive-semiotic analysis to promote positive social changes and mindsets in Ukrainian society
1. Setting goals: Identification of specific social changes that should be achieved through film works.
2. Audience analysis: Study of the target audience, its values, attitudes, behaviors and needs.
3. Creating messages: Developing key messages that will be conveyed through the film works to influence the audience's attitudes and behaviors.
4. Designing a system of emotions to engage the audience and influence their attitudes and behaviors.
5. Use of symbols, metaphors and other semiotic elements to convey messages.
6. Using social norms and values to shape messages and influence the audience.
7. Constructing stories and narratives to convey messages and influence audiences.
8. Constructing a system of role models in film works to demonstrate positive settings and behaviors.
9. Monitoring and evaluation: Evaluating the effectiveness of the film productions in achieving the goals through feedback and data analysis.
10. Continuous improvement: Based on the results obtained, continuously improve strategies and approaches to achieve a more effective impact on social change.

If you would like to join this research program, please write to us at: au.gro.etutitsnimlif%40ofni (with a note "Social engineering in cinema").