Sociology of the film industry


Studying the organization of the Ukrainian community of film professionals as a social organism, the interaction of different filmmakers' workshops with each other and the authorities, identifying problems, and the adaptation of filmmakers abroad.
1. The structure of the film community: Study of the hierarchy and roles in the community of film professionals, including directors, producers, actors, screenwriters, technical staff, etc.
2. Interaction between workshops: Analyzing the interaction between different groups of professionals such as actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, technicians, etc.
3. Relations with the authorities: An examination of the interaction between film professionals and government agencies, including funding, censorship, legislation, etc.
4. Community issues: Identifying and analyzing key issues faced by the community during the war, such as insufficient funding, insufficient access to resources, problems with intellectual property rights and labor rights, etc.
5. Problem solving: Developing strategies to address identified problems, including political, economic and social initiatives.
6. Adaptation abroad: A study of the process of adaptation of Ukrainian film professionals abroad, including the challenges they face and the strategies they use to overcome these challenges.

7. Social mobility: Analysis of social mobility within the community, including opportunities for professional growth and development.

8. Cultural influences: An examination of the impact of cultural factors on the work of the film community, including traditions, values, perceptions of success, etc.

9. Impact of technology: Analysis of the impact of new technologies on the work of the film community, including the use of digital technologies, social media, artificial intelligence, etc.

10. International cooperation: Studying the interaction of the Ukrainian film community with international partners, including joint projects, exchange of experience, participation in international festivals and competitions, and the challenges they face.

This is a new program of the Ukrainian Film Institute, for which we are looking for researchers and fundraisers.

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